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Creativity and fun, delivered to your doorstep.

If your family is anything like mine, often you find yourself pressed for time. While Pinterest is amazing, it can quickly spiral into a vortex of wasted hours of your life. I designed these perfectly curated and themed kits so that you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Plus, since they come with pre-selected palettes, pre-cut shapes, specialty papers and plenty of sparkle, the end product always looks beautiful!

Kids will feel particularly accomplished as they learn various paper techniques and work towards the creation of a tangible end product. Making it for someone else only sweetens the experience.

Just enough of everything.

Say goodbye to clutter and the dreaded bulk buy (or the trek to Michael’s for that matter)! There’s no need for 100 meters of twine when you only need 3 meters or a pack of 100 rhinestones when you only need 10. These kits are a time-saver for busy moms and eliminate the leftover remnants that inevitably end up stuck to your feet.

Details, details!

We currently have two DIY card kits for children 6+. Cards/contents are also sold individually as sets. Check back as we add new items! Seasonal items will be added, some will be free printable downloadable cards.

Party pack

Our kits make for a fun, planned activity for kids’ birthday parties!! Since there are enough materials to make two of each card designs, kids can work together and collaborate. Directions incorporate crafting techniques to keep kids challenged and engaged. With the beautiful palette of colors and sparkling embellishments, the results are guaranteed to be gorgeous! Contact us for custom orders to meet your needs.

The perfect gift

Gift friends and family with one of our perfectly curated card kits and continue spreading the spark of creativity. Card making creates meaningful experiences and memories that will last forever.