Do you wish you had more time or energy to research, plan and shop for a quality crafting activity to do with your kid(s)?

Are you inspired yet overwhelmed by Pinterest?

Are you tired of the selection at Target, Party City, etc.?

Teal Firefly provides busy families meaningful, quality time experiences through
curated card-making kits! Our themed card-making kits come with full-color
directions, pre-selected palettes, pre-cut shapes, specialty papers and plenty of sparkle, so finished cards always looks great!


Rushing off to yet another birthday party got me thinking — what’s really in a greeting card? I always love creating personalized tokens of affection and yet struggle with finding the time to collect crafting supplies to make cards for loved ones. Instead of searching through the endless aisles of greeting cards at my local drugstore, I decided a few years ago to take a little time out and make cards myself. Finding supplies at a craft store was great, but the storage of all these supplies was ridiculously impossible to manage. I had stacks of bins filled with all these little trinkets to make these cards — which was great for the “pre-kid” me. I had the time to sort through the bins and collect what I needed. Now of course is a whole different story. I barely have time to make a card yet alone have everything I need to make it with at my fingertips. If only, I had a craft room dedicated to making cards OR a system for having all my supplies when I needed them OR a ready-made kit I could use at a moment’s notice…

I discovered Teal Firefly while searching for a gift to give a fellow craft-lover. I wanted something easy and convenient — since the effort should be focused on the creation of the card instead of the collection of supplies for it, right?

When my kit arrived, it was not only simple but I fell in love with the packaging. A personalized note from the Teal Firefly founder, Laxmi Shah, added that touch that most greeting card companies are starting to lack in lately. I loved that the instructions were so easy to use and that my daughter decided to follow the instructions at first as a guide and then proceeded in creating her own end-product. She loved the fact that everything was right there and she didn’t have to go on a search for glue or that perfectly-sized glitter embellishment. Definitely a win-win for my daughter and myself. I’m always “guiding” her on how to perform simple tasks, that this gave me a break from hovering over her. This also gave her a chance to use easy-follow-instructions all while creating personally-designed notes made with love!

- Komi Shah

My daughter and her girlfriends loved the activity!  The end result was gorgeous cards in various color palettes made of beautiful materials like glitter and shimmer papers, vellum and lovely embellishments!  It’s definitely worth the investment as it provides a hands on activity that is simultaneously challenging but fun. It also saves you time and energy to plan an engaging activity. And you end up with a very tangible end product: beautiful hand-crafted cards made of superior materials that your kids will be proud to present to a teacher, friend or family member!

- Louisa Carney (mother of Izzy, age 9)

This product was fantastic – it was well organized and easy to follow.  I love the glue dots vs. glue and the cut outs made it easy. It looks like a high end card.

- Amy Sittner (mother of Molly, age 9)

Colorful and engaging craft with a great end result!  I love their guidance per direction cards yet if they kids choose, they can make their own design

- Jeni Ihm (mother of Sophia, age 8)

I got free card kits and I made them. I gave them to my grandpa and he said ‘Wow did you buy these cards?’ and he was surprised I made them! I liked that I could make them with the instructions instead of buying a card because that’s boring. I liked that my cards sparkled. I liked the paper colors and that the card was really thick like a real card

- Sam C. (age 9)