Our Story

My business has been a labor of love…born from my brand values of celebration, culture, and connection!!

The Indian culture is so rich and vibrant and the customs are so unique and special…they should be celebrated in a way that’s relevant and meaningful! I remember at my wedding 8 years ago receiving so many cards women wearing white dresses. This looked nothing like what I looked like during my traditional Indian ceremony…it would’ve actually been a bit insulting if I hadn’t been conditioned over the years to not expect something that’s been thoughtfully tailored for me.

Milestone Card Collection
We created the milestone collection to balance elegance and whimsy with hand-drawn illustrations. The cards showcase/depict various Indian occasions to CELEBRATE these special occasions in a meaningful way. We hope that by capturing the essence of these important Indian life events in a relevant way, with careful attention to detail, our cards will resonate with those whom we’ve made the cards for. This collection was created to represent the unique and meaningful traditions in Indian culture…it is our hope that the cards will make recipients feel as special as they are as they celebrate their milestones in style!

In today’s age of technology, so many of us are not present…often staring at a cell phone while loved ones are right in front of us. It’s so important to intentionally connect with those you love…even if for a few moments a day. It’s so important not to get lost in the hustle, make time for those who matter most to you…schedule those nonrefundable vacations, carve out quality activities with your kids because they grow up so fast! There is nothing like a card to express your feelings to those you love and brighten someone’s day!

Patterned Stationary Card Collection
We created Indian-inspired stationary because we delight in capturing the beauty of the Indian patterns with a vibrant and modern style. The stationary card sets that can be used for any moment or occasion…or given as beautiful gifts because you don’t need a reason to brighten someone’s day.

As a second generation Indian-American raising kids, I want my children to know that we are 100% Indian and 100% American. I want them to have a strong identity of who they are, a perfect fusion of both.

Cultural Card Kits
This is why I’ve created kits for Holi, Raksha Bandhan, and Diwali; to explain the significance of these occasions in a simplified way…so that my children and other Indian-American children can learn about their culture in a fun, engaging way.

What sparked this love of card making? 

When I was little, I loved exchanging letters with pen pals (actual letters…remember those?!). I also labored over the creation of delicate cards for my big sisters when they went to college. I would be so excited to drop them in the mailbox, and anxiously awaited their arrival. It gave me a rush to think of my cards being opened and imagined the delight on their faces. I lived for it!

Now that I have a family, I have discovered that card making is all of that and so much more. It’s a way for us to: •  Exchange screen time for family time  •  Enjoy an interactive experience that creates a shared connection and bonding among loved ones •  Unleash creativity through the exploration of colors, shapes and papers  •  Teach (younger) kids some crafting techniques to hone their motor skills •  Nurture relationships with cousins, grandparents, friends, etc. who cherish receiving handmade sentiments •  Cultivate gratitude and instill a lifelong habit of showing appreciation  

Here’s the simple truth: when you make a card by hand, you pour your heart into it. I have found that there’s immeasurable pleasure in that for both kids and adults alike.

What’s your favorite color? 

Ours is teal. We are attracted to teal because it’s bold and vibrant. We are also drawn to the light of fireflies. We chase that spark. We cup our hands over the coveted glow. It’s magical! But then we let it go. Making cards is much the same way. We create beautiful cards to give them away. We catch the light in order to share it. It is our hope that these cards will be like fireflies, messengers of joy that light up your world and everyone you give them to!!

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